Four Festive Looks

I love getting dressed up.  Obviously.  Often I find myself all dressed up with nowhere to go.  So one of the things I love abut the holidays is having an excuse to get all dressed up.  I built most of these looks with items already in my closet (trying to stay on a budget) and it was so much fun.  I am much more creative when I am challenged to work with what I already have.  It’s easy to just buy something new.

1. Plaid + Leather

Leather is a great way to add some edge to this iconic print. I paired a plaid shirt dress from H&M (love wearing shirt dresses as a shirt because they actually stay tucked in) with a leather wrap midi shirt from TopShop.  Both of these items were from last year so I linked a few similar items below, just click the product pics.

leather and plaid 1



plaid shirt                  h and m leahter skirt


2. Subtle Sparkle

I scooped this voluminous metallic skirt up from Winners for just $29.99.  I was tempted to pair it with an oversized sweater.  But instead I decided at go for something a little more sparkly – this sweater has jewel embellished shoulders.  And to top it all off I added a brushed gold hairband to my messy and unwashed pony.



3. Casual Sequins

I love me some sequins but often I find they are just a little too glam.  I find the best way to tone down your sequins is with a chunky knit.  I went for  a winter white and added a pom pom beanie.  Both of these items are a couple of years old so I added a few similar options below if you are in need of some sequins or knits.


zara white sweeater        image1.png             image2.png

4. Bold Colour

I love mixing bold colours.  And when they are as bold as this red and eggplant I go all in with the accessories.  The sweater is from Marshalls so I linked a couple similar ones below and the jeans are from The Gap.  Links below, just click the pics.


red sweater zara       red sweater with bow zara       eggplant jeans


Hope this helps inspire you as you don your festive looks this holiday season.

Happy Shopping


Holiday Gifting: Gifts For The Homebody


Personally I don’t think its ever too early to start getting into the holiday spirit.  My husband would disagree but he knows when to pick his battles.  So yes, the tree is up and I have started my holiday shopping.  I love to get an early start on my shopping; in fact, my goal is to finish up by Dec 1.  This way I can avoid the December shopping madness.  I don’t do well with crowds and line-ups, especially with two kids in tow.  I can’t say I am always successful in meeting that goal and I am very thankful for amazon prime but nonetheless I am usually in full swing gift buying mode come November.

So here is some holiday gifting inspiration for those of you looking to get a head start.

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Its All in the Details – Sweater Edition


As much as I love cozying up in a good chunky knit, I find that sweaters can get sort of boring which is why I am loving the all the little details and embellishments this Fall. From fringe, pom poms and lace ups to pearls and embroidery, this season its all about the details.

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SPANX Faux Leather Leggings

SPANX faux leather leggings

Okay so these leggings are a dream.  I still love my Aritzia leggings but these are winning right now because they are so great postpartum.  They are a little higher waisted than the Aritzia leggings and the compression is great – as one would expect from SPANX. They are a little pricey but worth it.  I picked mine up at Nordstrom on sale in the summer for $78.  Right now you can get them full price at The Bay for $108 and given the magic these leggings can do for your mid section I think its totally worth the investment.

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Five of My Fav Ankle Boots for Fall

Sure sweaters are nice but for me its all about the ankle boot.  They are absolutely my favourite thing about fall, besides the mini chocolate bars meant for Halloween.  They really start selling those boxes of mini chocolates way too early  At our house we must go through 3 boxes before we even get to Halloween.  No self control.  I guess self control is also an issue when it comes to shoe shopping for me.  I can’t pass up a deal.

That said, I have rounded up my top five favourite ankle boots for Fall, all of which are on sale. Most of them well under $100.  And I included a couple options for toddlers as well – they are just so cute I can’t resist.

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It’s All About The Details


The waistband detail on these pants is amazing.  When I first saw these I almost didn’t pick them up because I assumed they wouldn’t suit my shape (I have never had the flattest tummy so I am always looking for ways to disguise it).   You wouldn’t think the extra bulk around the waist would be flattering but it is. The asymmetric waistband is really high and the extra fabric on the waistband helps hide any extra little ‘bits’. The over-sized sweater helps with that too.

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DIY “Bow” Ring


The other day I was inspired by my daughter’s hair bow.  One of the many bows that I keep trying to clip into her hair, only to have them ripped out seconds later.  Its a battle. Sure they look cute and all but her hair is really starting to get unruly.

Anyways, her loss is my gain.  Check out my new rings.  I started with the bigger black bow but then made a few more smaller ones.  Below is a brief tutorial on how to make one yourself.  Its really pretty simple.

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1 Jacket 3 Looks

jacket-dress-1Yep, more Zara.  This jacket is so versatile and to prove it I am showing you 3 completely different looks – starring this jacket.  Unfortunately this jacket is sold out but I found a similar one from TopShop (only $85).  Actually, I think I like the TopShop one more than this, c’est la vie.

SHOP    Similar Jacket from TopShop 

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If you have kids, you likely know this is a Wiggles reference.  We watch Wiggles almost every day with Ruby, so I couldn’t help myself.

I am going to show you three ways to be “bow”tiful – aka accessorize with a simple ribbon. It’s a really simple way to make an item in your closet feel fresh again.

ONE: Use a ribbon to tie a small bow around a blouse.  Here I am wearing a collarless blouse but it looks great on a collared blouse too.  I like to use a long ribbon so the ends flow pretty long.  You can also try it with a more narrow ribbon for a more understated look.bow-2bow-2b

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