It’s All About The Details


The waistband detail on these pants is amazing.  When I first saw these I almost didn’t pick them up because I assumed they wouldn’t suit my shape (I have never had the flattest tummy so I am always looking for ways to disguise it).   You wouldn’t think the extra bulk around the waist would be flattering but it is. The asymmetric waistband is really high and the extra fabric on the waistband helps hide any extra little ‘bits’. The over-sized sweater helps with that too.

These pants are from Winners, like many of the pieces in my closet.  So while you won’t find them in stores today, this post is really all about taking a bit of risk when shopping. Basics, like these trousers, don’t have to be boring.  Look for special details to keep things interesting. And don’t assume something wont look good on you, just give it a try. Especially at stores like Winners where the racks are full of surprises.  For me, I do best at Winners when I take EVERYTHING to the fitting rooms (yes I am that girl) even if I am not entirely sure about it.

Shoes and necklace are also from Winners.


DIY “Bow” Ring


The other day I was inspired by my daughter’s hair bow.  One of the many bows that I keep trying to clip into her hair, only to have them ripped out seconds later.  Its a battle. Sure they look cute and all but her hair is really starting to get unruly.

Anyways, her loss is my gain.  Check out my new rings.  I started with the bigger black bow but then made a few more smaller ones.  Below is a brief tutorial on how to make one yourself.  Its really pretty simple.



  • A ring, just a cheap one because it won’t really be visible.  I bought a set of stackable rings at the Bay for less than $5, link below.
  • Needle and thread to match the bow.
  • A bow.  I bought mine at Claires.  Usually you can get some sort of BOGO deal so it ends up being pretty cheap. I would recommend keeping it simple in terms of the bow you pick, otherwise it may end up looking a little cheese.  I included some options in the link below.

SHOP    Rings Polka Dot Bow  Plaid Bow   Striped Bow

Step 1: I started with a bow that was already on a clip, so I just cut the fabric on the underside of the bow to remove the clip.

Step 2: I sewed the back of the bow up to fix where I had made cut.

Step 3: I sewed the bow to the ring.  If you are looking at the backside of the bow place the ring where you want it to sit on the bow.  And then you just stitch ‘around’ the ring going from top to bottom.  I included a pic below in case my description is confusing.  Leave a comment if you need more detail.



1 Jacket 3 Looks

jacket-dress-1Yep, more Zara.  This jacket is so versatile and to prove it I am showing you 3 completely different looks – starring this jacket.  Unfortunately this jacket is sold out but I found a similar one from TopShop (only $85).  Actually, I think I like the TopShop one more than this, c’est la vie.

SHOP    Similar Jacket from TopShop 

ONE:  This jacket is perfect for layering over a dress.  I prefer it with a dress shorter than the jacket.  In fact the dress I am wearing is super short, too short for me, so I liked how the jacket gave me a little extra coverage.

BTW, I found these shoes at Nordstrom.  I just checked and they are sold out BUT If ever you order from Nordstrom Canada, you can avoid paying shipping and duties if you order in store or call customer service.  I have only ordered  instore but the gentleman helping me said you just needed the order number to place the order over the phone. jacket-dress-3jacket-dress-2

TWO:  Probably not the best look for a -20C sort of day.  But on a warmer winter day, the jacket works as an outer layer as well.  I get so bored of my winter jackets so layering blazers over warmer layers helps mix if up.  Also, I am not sure if the sleeves are meant to be three quarter because I have really long arms.  Seriously, they span 6 feet and I am only 5’7. Anyways I love that the sweater sleeves are longer than the jacket sleeves.  You can easily achieve this layered look by cuffing your sleeves as well.


THREE:  Finally this jacket is totally work appropriate.  I wore a pale pink shirt with a bow detail, but it would look great with a black blouse as well. OR even a simple grey or black tee depending on how casual your work place is.  My office is super casual so I would probably switch the black ankle pants for a pair of jeans.




If you have kids, you likely know this is a Wiggles reference.  We watch Wiggles almost every day with Ruby, so I couldn’t help myself.

I am going to show you three ways to be “bow”tiful – aka accessorize with a simple ribbon. It’s a really simple way to make an item in your closet feel fresh again.

ONE: Use a ribbon to tie a small bow around a blouse.  Here I am wearing a collarless blouse but it looks great on a collared blouse too.  I like to use a long ribbon so the ends flow pretty long.  You can also try it with a more narrow ribbon for a more understated look.bow-2bow-2b

TWO: In this next look I wanted to add a little drama to my outfit.  I started with a pair of skinny leather pants and an oversized sweater –  a pretty basic look.  Then I added a statement necklace and tied the ribbon to the back of the necklace taking a basic outfit to something that could work for a night out.bow3bow3b

THREE:  Lastly, I used the ribbon as a choker, tying a bow at the back leaving long strands flowing.  I wore it with a black dress so it looked like part of the dress.  But it would work with a dress or tee of a contrasting colour too.  A white dress with a black ribbon would look super cool.  I also like this look best with a v-neck.  A thicker choker with a round neck can feel a little busy.  bow1bbow1

Zara Sale – Can’t Stop……


This jacket was a major score from Zara this week for only $60. To be honest I have gone a little nuts at Zara the last month.  I really need to take a bit of a shopping break and work with what I have,  at least until Spring.

Anyhow,  I love that this menswear inspired jacket is super oversized. I wore my faux leather leggings from Aritzia.  They are really high waisted and have tons of spandex in the tummy area.  Super slimming.

As for the shirt, its from Zara too.  Its a basic long sleeve pocket tee with a ruffle at the bottom. It comes in black, rose and olive.  And its only $12 on sale at Zara right now.

And I dug these boots out from the back of my closet – they were a Winners score from a least 5 years ago.  They remind me of something you might have seen on Anne of Green Gables. But nonetheless I think they look super cool with these leggings.

SHOP   Checked Coat: Zara – just sold out but here is something similar  Vegan Leather Leggings: Aritzia   Olive Ruffle Top: Zara 




A Little Yellow Goes A Long Way


I tend to wear alot of neutrals, mostly shades of grey. And I know I am not alone.  Don’t get me wrong I love colour but its just not as easy as grabbing your go to basics.  But when I do wear colour I feel fantastic, especially when its a sunny yellow.  I found this jacket a few years ago at Club Monaco and its been a wardrobe stable.  I love how this jacket makes me feel when I wear it – happy!

I know canary yellow isn’t your typical winter shade, but I can’t think of a better way to brighten up a dreary Canadian winter day.  I found this works best with a monochromatic look.  I paired it with an embellished knit but a simple grey tee would look great too.

So if you are feeling a little blah, try a pop of yellow. A little yellow goes a long way.


SHOP ♥ The jacket is a few years old, but here is a link to a cute yellow sweater: Forever21  Grey booties: The Bay




Pretty in Pink


Typically pink is not a go to colour for me when it comes to my wardrobe. But when I saw this coat at Zara I knew I had to have it.  It probably didn’t hurt that it was on clearance for only $69.  I love the floaty shape (it’s perfect for layers), the length and the soft salmon shade of pink.

Usually with a bold piece like this, I keep the rest of my look fairly neutral and monochromatic. I stuck with grey in this case.  I also loved the way the pink looked with thus red scarf. Not only are pink and red a little unexpected as a colour combo but I found that the red somehow toned down the pink a little.

Oh and meet Molly.  She is the snuggliest, softest bestie a girl could ask for.

The coat at Zara is sold out.  But I have listed a similar style below.

SHOP ♥ Similar Three Quarter Sleeve Coat: H&M ♥ Similar Scarf: Indigo