Toddler Room Design

My little Ruby, who is almost 3, has the best room in the house.  Just before she was turned 2, her little bro arrived which meant she was being kicked out of the nursery and moved into a big girl room.  Which she didn’t mind at all.  And the transition to her new room and new bed was much easier than expected.

I didn’t really have a plan for how the room would unfold, I just knew I wanted a cute little house bed and a little canopy/tent to curl up in. Once I had a starting point, I slowly added things from there.  I love all the little special places in this room – the canopy tent to cuddle, the rocking chair to read and I loved how the DIY bookshelves and closet turned out.

More details with pics and links to shop below.  And linking my Pinterest board here  if you want more inspo.  And coming in a few weeks, I will share Leo’s black and white nursery.


House Bed.  DIY.  This was a pretty simple project.  The painting took some time or maybe it just felt that way because I was like 9 months pregnant.  Anyways, linking a DIY Tutorial here and there are lots of house beds for sale on Etsy as well.  Here is the link for one I thought was cute on Etsy and they can customize in terms of design, size and paint colour.

Ruffled Blackout Curtains.  Pottery Barn Kids | These don’t seem to be available in Canada anymore but they are still available on the US site so that is what I have linked.  I looked forever for these and they were all too sheer.  These were perfect for our floor to ceiling windows because they are blackout and I love the girly vibe.

LED Indoor Twinkle Lights.  Amazon | Not that you can see them in the pic, but we lined the top part of the bed frame with these twinkle lights. They run off a remote control and are perfect for story time.  They are also great for Christmas mantles or to add above a headboard for a little Christmas magic.

Artwork, Rug and Decor Items.  HomeSense | I love heading to HomeSense to pick up all the little decor things.  They have great artwork, lamps, pillows and wall hangings for kids there.


And if Ruby isn’t in her bed, she is curled up under this canopy.  You can also hang this above the top of the bed and use it as a canopy for the bed.

Canopy.  Amazon | This is only $50.  We added twinkle lights we found on Amazon on the inside too.  These are smaller and were perfect for the small canopy.  I also used them to add to some of my indoor wreaths at Christmas.  Some of the sets, there are 6 in the pack, needed the battery replaced soon after we put them up but other than that they were a great buy.

Nest Cam. Amazon| We have used Nest as a baby monitor for both our kids and we love it.  You can see your babes from any device from location (we love spying on them when we aren’t home) and you get alerts when there is movement.  And now that we have two its nice because I can see both of them on screen at the same time.



My last project in this room was to create a space for books. There wasn’t space in the room for a piece of furniture so I love how these wall shelves perfectly filled this empty space between the door opening and the closet.  I found this idea on Pinterest and they are just $10 IKEA picture ledges.  You can fit about three books across and 3 deep on each shelf so most of our collection fits. I used the 55 cm long shelves but they also come in 115cm if you want something longer.  It would actually look cute to combine both lengths if you have the space.

Cradle was made by Opa/Grandma and the rocking chair was from my childhood, I just added a fresh coat of white spray paint (or 4 coats rather,

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Mini Makeover – Master Bedroom Edition

Master BedRoom - Pom Pom Duvet
bedroom original

My husband and I spent 5 years renovating our home, it was a long 5 years.  Its true what they say, renovating with your spouse is intense.  But we made it through and we love our house.  There is definitely something to be said about doing the work yourself.  Painful as it is, you take so much pride in knowing that you painted those walls, you laid those tiles and you sanded that drywall over and over and over and over.

We have been done for about 4 years and yikes, I am starting to feel the itch to start making updates already.  But now that we have two small children, we just don’t have the time (or money) to make big updates to our house (plus my husband would kill me if I even suggested it).  However, you can still make small changes that have a really big impact.  So my plan is to make small updates throughout the house, mini makeovers if you will, to satisfy my urge to decorate.  And I am starting with our bedroom.

With our bedroom, it was a simple as a new duvet.  We’ve had the same grey and white striped duvet for a few years and I was tired of it. I also felt it was a little too dark and I wanted to brighten things up.  See the before pic above.  At the time I was on a sequin kick – terrible pillow decision.

I looked through alot of duvets before I landed on this one.  I knew I wanted something white with some texture.  And I didn’t want to spend much more than $100.  Believe it or not, I had a hard time finding ones I liked.  Everything was either too simple or too fussy/detailed. I finally found this white pom pom fringe duvet on Amazon and it has made such a difference.

Here are the details on the duvet cover we ended up with as well as those that made the shortlist.

Pom Fringe Duvet Cover. | Ultimately I landed on this because I love pom poms.  I felt it added a bit of whimsy to a very neutral space.  Although I will definitely have to be careful washing.  All the reviews said to turn it inside out and use the delicate cycle to reduce pom pom loss.  And there are matching pillow shams too. The duvet isn’t quite as white as it appears in the top picture.  Its more off white as pictured below.

pom-fringe-duvet.jpg      pom fringe pillows amazon


Textured Duvet.  Structube | This was my back up if I didn’t go with the pom poms.   I love the texture on this but its still so simple. And its less than $100.

structube-duvet.jpg      structube-duvet-2.jpg


Black and White Tassel Duvet Cover and Shams.  Urban Outfitters | I love how sleek the contrasting fringe is on this set.

Urban Outfitter black and white tassel duvet cover     Urban Outfitters Tassel Divet Cover 2


And the Urban Outfitters tassel duvet comes in a ton of colous.  But I love it in the classic white.



Tufted Duvet Cover.  Urban Outfitters.  I like how the tufting is used as an accent at the bottom of this duvet cover.

Urban Outfitter tufted duvet cover 1

Stay tuned for more mini makeovers.  I think the dining room is next on my list.

Happy Shopping