In a nutshell, I like to spend my spare time playing in my closet. And shopping.

I have always loved fashion.  I used to spend hours in my closet mixing and matching and experimenting with new looks.  But somewhere along the way, life got busy and fashion took a back seat.  So this blog has challenged me to get back to what I love – experimenting and having fun with fashion.

For the most part this blog is a place where I collect and share all my favourite pieces, styling tips, sale picks and more. I know not everyone wants to invest as much time into shopping as I do so I hope this is a helpful resource for those of you looking to add a few pieces to your wardrobe.

As for the name: Ruffles And Rubies.  Well because who doesn’t love ruffles.  And my baby girl – her name is Ruby.  Although I now have a baby boy, Leo, still thinking on how to incorporate that one…….

I hope you enjoy and find some inspiration.

💕 Happy Shopping