Summer Basics For Your Little Man

I love buying clothes for my kids – an almost  3 year old girl, Ruby and almost 1 year old boy, Leo.  And yes, buying for Ruby is a little more fun, obviously.  But by the time my second came around my shopping habits had evolved.  And I got a little bit smarter.

It sort of happened by accident to be honest.  As my first went off to daycare, I wanted things she could wear that she could play in and spill on while still looking fashionable.  So I ended up building her a basics wardrobe and then we added some more special pieces for weekends.  It seems pretty obvious now as I write but it was such a different approach to shopping for me.  I used to buy pretty much everything that was cute and on sale but many things were barely worn.  I guess there are only so many shirtdresses, skinny jeans and strappy sandals a baby needs…..

Anyhow, the idea of a basics wardrobe is an approach I have started taking with both my kids and its  also something I am trying to do with my own wardrobe (struggling a bit with myself).

Lets start with boys because shopping for boys is always a little bit harder.  Especially since everything has dinosaurs and fire trucks and that’s just not our thing (at least for now when he doesn’t have an opinion on the matter).  Seriously why do all boys clothes have dinosaurs on them!!!

Here are some of the basics that I have used to build Leo’s wardrobe.  Everything is from The Gap or Old Navy.  I only buy when things when I have a discount code so watch your emails – usually 40% at The Gap, once in a while 50% (in fact right now The Gap is 50% off).  When buying I try to buy things that I can mix and match with the other items in his closet.  Sticking to a similar colour palette makes this easy.  We like greys and blues.   I also like fabrics that will wash well and have some stretch to them so they will last more than a couple months.

Stay tuned for a separate post on girls shortly.

summer basics for your little

1. Striped Pocket Tee.  The Gap | A basic striped tee works with pretty much everything. We don’t have this tee buts its in my cart and waiting for it to go on sale.

2.  Striped Tank. Old Navy | My little guy is sweaty, so sweaty, so I bought this tank moreso for the practicality of it.  But it actually looks super cute with these camo shorts.   It comes in a  bunch of other colours and its like $4 on sale.

3. Long Sleeve Raglan Tee.  The Gap | Leo had these in a few colours.  They are great for cooler days in the summer and will take your little right through winter.  These are also on sale for like $10 right now.

4.  Basic Blue Button Tee.  Old Navy.  This is also a fav at our house because it works with everything.  And its on sale right now for less than $10.

5. Tropical Print Tee. Old Navy | This is one of our favourites, its such a soft fabric and a  vneck is the cutest on a squishy little guy.   It comes in a few other patterns, but this one is the only one we really liked.

6. Cuffed Terry Shorts. Old Navy | Leo wears these all the time.   They come down just below the knee and are cuffed so they are perfect for a crawler.  They also come in a light grey stripes and are less than $10.

7. Camo Pocket Shorts.  The Gap | We have a few of these pairs of shorts.  And we have the pant version as well and the knit fabric is are knit so super comfortable.  And I love me some camo. They are a little less than $10 with a sale code.

8. Plaid Roll Cuff Shorts. The Gap | We don’t have these but have a similar pair of cuffed shorts.  These also come in lots of different colours but I like the blue because it goes with so many of the shirts we have – alot of blue.  These would also be cute dressed up with a pair of suspenders and a white button up shirt.

9. Red Dino Shorts.  The Gap | I know I said I wasn’t into dinosaurs, but for some reason I am okay with this print.  I think because its a more grown up fabric and the print is subtle – I don’t know – but I love these.

10. Distressed Denim.  Old Navy | I ordered an 18-24 and they fit just perfect – my guy is 11 months and 25 pounds.  Distressed skinny jeans on babies isn’t super practical, I know, but they are so cute.  And the distressing is ‘repaired’ which is functional for crawlers.  Cant wait for Fall for Leo to rock these with his kicks when the days get a little cooler.

Happy Shopping



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