Spring Trend: Florals

Okay so I am in full on Spring mode – I’ve started my Spring cleaning, Spring clothes have come out of storage and most importantly I have started my Spring shopping.  For me, shopping for florals, bright colours and lighter fabrics is my way of keeping those Winter blues at bay for these last few long weeks.  And I thought I might as well share.  So over the next few weeks I am going to share different spring trends and my top picks for each trend.  Many of which will likely be either in my closet already or in the mail.

Week 1:  Florals

I mean its Spring, so of course florals are a trend.  But this season I am loving the bright colours  and large graphic prints.  And you really don’t need to wait for Spring to start wearing florals, they totally work layered with your warm winter knits (read more about Winter to Spring transition pieces).


Floral Tee

I just ordered this tee from Zara and it was only $22.  I love the black as a transition piece but it also comes in white which is perfect for summer.  The white would look great with a pair of cut offs.  Whats great about these tees is that they can be dressed up too.  I would definitely wear these to the office with a pair of cropped ankle pants or a midi pencil skirt and a pair of kitten heels

Click the image to shop.  Or click here.

zara black floral tee                         zara white floral tee

Fitted Floral Midi dress

I just ordered this dress too.  I love the length, its about an inch below my knees (I’m 5’8) and the fabric is stretchy and comfortable but also thick enough so it doesn’t show all the less than perfectly smooth bits.  It runs a little small so I sized up.  Pair this dress with a pair of black booties and it totally works for the tail end of Winter. And this dress is less than $50.  I love you Zara.

Click the image to shop.  Or click here.

zara floral midi dress


Floral Longline Kimono

I am waiting for this one to arrive in the mail and I can’t wait to wear it.  It will look perfect with my go to uniform – a knotted tee and high waisted jeans. And when it gets warmer, it will look cute with a pair of cut offs.  I also think a kimono helps offer a little coverage with a pair of denim shorts.  Maybe its just me in my late 30s but sometimes I feel I need a little more coverage for certain occasions (day care drop off, lunch date, etc).  All this to say, a kimono is a spring/summer staple for me.

Click the image to shop.  Or click here.

forever 21 floral longline kimono


Embroidered Blouse

I love that embroidery is back.  It’s such a fun and feminine detail on an otherwise basic item. This embroidered blouse is longer in the back and also has the embroidery across the back.  So cute.

Click the image to shop.  Or click here.

zara floral blouse

Happy Shopping





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