Ideas to Restyle Your Winter Wardrobe


Come end of January I always get a little, actually REALLY, tired of my Winter wardrobe. Most likely because in August I am so excited about my new Fall purchases that I start wearing sweaters and boots way too early.  No wonder I am bored of oversized knits already.

So to combat the Winter blahs, both in terms of wardrobe and mood, I try to restyle items I already have in my closet.  I like to get my Spring wardrobe from storage and so I can start mixing Spring pieces with my Winter wardrobe to create new looks.  Plus it adds a little colour to my very grey Winter wardobe which makes me happy in these last few dark, cold and oh so long Winter months.

Below I have included some ideas on how you can start to mix and match your Spring and Winter wardrobes.  So get creative and have fun.

1. Try a spring blouse as a layer under a sweater

I went with a sheer floral print here but a bold colour would be great as well.  Scroll down to see how I wore a bright yellow blouse as a layer.  The simple addition of a a light blouse can really change the look of a sweater and make it a little more feminine.


2. Accessorize

Accessories always make a tried and true outfit feel new again.  I like to play with bold colours as Spring approaches to help add a little something to my tired winter outfits.  This Kate Spade necklace was a Winners find a few years ago and has been a staple for me.  I love to pair it with other bold colours, like this yellow blouse and it works great with pale pink as well.


3. Throw on a  blazer in a bold colour over your chunky knit

I wear ALOT of grey in the winter.  A bold blazer paired over a chunky knit is a great way to add some more colour.  Plus this yellow makes me happy and it somehow helps makes Spring seem a little closer than it really is.  I mean, April…………

I like this look best with monochromatic layers underneath, grey works with pretty much every bold colour.

yellow blazer 2yellow blazer 1

4. Play with pastels

I love that the blush and lavender hues are trending this Spring.  But you do not need to wait for Spring to start wearing pastels.  A pastel cardi or blazer pairs great with Winter neutrals, especially grey.  And they just make you feel pretty on a blah Winter day.

image1 (3)

5. Swap your dark wash denim for lighter hues

I find that bringing lighter coloured denim into my wardrobe this time of year makes a huge difference.  As silly as it sounds, and my husband will never understand, but the wash can transform an entire look.  A lighter denim tends to lighten up whole look which is exactly what I am looking for as we head into the last half of Winter and I am so tired of my go to Winter looks.  I can basically pair different denim with the same old sweaters and it feels new again.  And I LOVE light denim with black and darker greys.

image1 (5)


Have Fun









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