My Fav Postpartum Denim

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is hard, especially after you’ve had a baby or two.  A few months after I had my second and had lost most of the baby weight I decided it was time to wear something other than leggings.  I was going to buy new jeans.  While I had  lost alot of the baby weight, my body was just different; specifically it was rounder in the middle (still working on that).  So I was on the hunt for jeans that would help slim my tummy.  And I didn’t want to spend alot because I knew my body would continue to change over the new few months.  So my budget was <$100.

I took me alot of try ons but I finally found a few pairs that I love.

BTW -the  best way to try on denim is to order online in a few sizes and try them on in the comfort of your own home.  Same applies to bathing suits.

1. Zara Button Fly

I have been wearing these Button Fly Jeans from Zara all winter.  The exact same pair is sold out but there is a a slightly darker wash available online now which I have linked below.

These are my favourite jeans to dress up.  I love the button fly detail and also the raw hem.  And they have just the right amount of stretch – enough to be comfortable but also enough to suck you in a little.

Click here to shop the Zara Button Fly. 


2. The GAP Super High Rise True Skinny Ankle Jeans

I had never shopped at The Gap until I had kids.  I buy alot of Ruby and Leo’s stuff at The Gap and just recently starting poking around the site for myself.  And I was pleasantly surprised with a few of the jeans that I ordered.  I ordered 2 pairs that were fairly similar.  Pictured below are the Super High Rise True Skinny Ankle Jeans but I also love the Super High Rise True Skinny Stepped Hem Jeans. 

These are true to the name and are super high waisted.  They also have a bit of stretch to them.  They are really slimming and comfortable at the same time.  A hard combo to find.  Also there are side zips on the ankle which is another detail I love.

Click here to shop The GAP Super High Rise True Skinny Ankle Jeans. 


3. American Eagle TomGirl Jeans

I also wanted a more relaxed pair of jeans.  Most of my jeans are skinny and I love them but sometimes a looser fit is nice.  Especially in the summer.  I hadn’t shopped at American Eagle in years, since I was in University, so I was surprised when I found these.  Plus they have free shipping and returns if you spend $50.  These are the AE TomGirl Weekend Wanderer Jeans.  They also have some cute overalls and high rise cut offs I am dying to try out next.

These have a bit of stretch so they are super comfortable.  Although after one wear they really stretched out so I would suggest sizing down on these.

Click here to shop American Eagle TomGirl Jeans.


Happy Shopping


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