Three Styling Options for Day 2, or Day 5, Hair

half up top knot

Lets be real, who wants to wash their hair everyday, or every other day for that matter.  My hair is thick and curly (not the nice curls, the frizzy ones) so washing and styling takes at least an hour. The wash is easy enough, but then there’s the brushing, oh how I hate to brush out all the tangles.  Even with my @thewetbrush it’s still an ordeal.  And then comes the blow dry which takes forever because I have to smooth it out in such small sections.  Finally,  if time permits,  I flat iron the ends and use a curling wand for loose beachy waves.

Needless to say I hate washing and styling my hair so I try to do it every 4-5 days, or longer if it’s not too uncomfortable.  And I hate the way dry shampoo feels so I need to get a little creative with my styling to hide my greasy roots. And as much as we all love a top knot, I am just not feeling it these days, so here are a few alternatives.

The Messy Pony

With dirty hair, it’s much easier to achieve the messy, textured look. You don’t want your pony to be too smooth/slick.  Sometimes I like to add a cute bow or wrap a strand of hair around the pony, but a basic black hair tie is my go to.


Half Up Top Knot

To achieve this look, I start with a loose bun on top and then use a few bobby pins or a spin pin (these are made by goody, I use mine all the time) to secure any loose pieces.

half up top knot

Hair Scarf

I love wearing a scarf to hide my greasy roots but it’s also a good way to add a little colour to your look. I love the pattern on this scarf, which my mom just reminded me used to be hers more than 30 years ago.  Love a vintage scarf.

hair scarf

Happy Styling


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