It’s All About The Details


The waistband detail on these pants is amazing.  When I first saw these I almost didn’t pick them up because I assumed they wouldn’t suit my shape (I have never had the flattest tummy so I am always looking for ways to disguise it).   You wouldn’t think the extra bulk around the waist would be flattering but it is. The asymmetric waistband is really high and the extra fabric on the waistband helps hide any extra little ‘bits’. The over-sized sweater helps with that too.

These pants are from Winners, like many of the pieces in my closet.  So while you won’t find them in stores today, this post is really all about taking a bit of risk when shopping. Basics, like these trousers, don’t have to be boring.  Look for special details to keep things interesting. And don’t assume something wont look good on you, just give it a try. Especially at stores like Winners where the racks are full of surprises.  For me, I do best at Winners when I take EVERYTHING to the fitting rooms (yes I am that girl) even if I am not entirely sure about it.

Shoes and necklace are also from Winners.


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