DIY “Bow” Ring


The other day I was inspired by my daughter’s hair bow.  One of the many bows that I keep trying to clip into her hair, only to have them ripped out seconds later.  Its a battle. Sure they look cute and all but her hair is really starting to get unruly.

Anyways, her loss is my gain.  Check out my new rings.  I started with the bigger black bow but then made a few more smaller ones.  Below is a brief tutorial on how to make one yourself.  Its really pretty simple.


  • A ring, just a cheap one because it won’t really be visible.  I bought a set of stackable rings at the Bay for less than $5, link below.
  • Needle and thread to match the bow.
  • A bow.  I bought mine at Claires.  Usually you can get some sort of BOGO deal so it ends up being pretty cheap. I would recommend keeping it simple in terms of the bow you pick, otherwise it may end up looking a little cheese.  I included some options in the link below.

SHOP    Rings Polka Dot Bow  Plaid Bow   Striped Bow

Step 1: I started with a bow that was already on a clip, so I just cut the fabric on the underside of the bow to remove the clip.

Step 2: I sewed the back of the bow up to fix where I had made cut.

Step 3: I sewed the bow to the ring.  If you are looking at the backside of the bow place the ring where you want it to sit on the bow.  And then you just stitch ‘around’ the ring going from top to bottom.  I included a pic below in case my description is confusing.  Leave a comment if you need more detail.



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