If you have kids, you likely know this is a Wiggles reference.  We watch Wiggles almost every day with Ruby, so I couldn’t help myself.

I am going to show you three ways to be “bow”tiful – aka accessorize with a simple ribbon. It’s a really simple way to make an item in your closet feel fresh again.

ONE: Use a ribbon to tie a small bow around a blouse.  Here I am wearing a collarless blouse but it looks great on a collared blouse too.  I like to use a long ribbon so the ends flow pretty long.  You can also try it with a more narrow ribbon for a more understated look.bow-2bow-2b

TWO: In this next look I wanted to add a little drama to my outfit.  I started with a pair of skinny leather pants and an oversized sweater –  a pretty basic look.  Then I added a statement necklace and tied the ribbon to the back of the necklace taking a basic outfit to something that could work for a night out.bow3bow3b

THREE:  Lastly, I used the ribbon as a choker, tying a bow at the back leaving long strands flowing.  I wore it with a black dress so it looked like part of the dress.  But it would work with a dress or tee of a contrasting colour too.  A white dress with a black ribbon would look super cool.  I also like this look best with a v-neck.  A thicker choker with a round neck can feel a little busy.  bow1bbow1

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